Take a Break

Go ahead and take a break. Rest your eyes. Get up, walk around, maybe stretch a little. Have a glass of something cool or a mug of something warm. Relax awhile, and enjoy the sweet relief.

Act Naturally

Relax. Don't try so hard. Trying is the opposite of doing. Let it come when it comes, how it comes. Let yourself act naturally and effortlessly. Don't let your mind interrupt you.

Clocks Stop

Love runs deepest in quiet moments. Stillness creates space where love can grow. Love finds eternity in a time outside time. Step back, step out of the rush of seconds and minutes and hours. Enchantment will find you in this place where clocks stop.

Drop the Struggle

You don't have to struggle. Drop the struggle, and you are on your way to making everything all right. We fight and squirm and push and strive against the world, against our problems. But our real problem is the fighting and squirming and pushing and striving.

Into the Flow

Listen. Look inside. What does your inner voice have to tell you? Get quiet so you can hear it. Slow down, be still. Relax and breathe. Know that you have a wellspring of insight, a gentle trickle of guidance. All you have to do is dip into the flow.

Small Effort

Open up to the voice inside you. Listen to its whisper, and it will grow stronger and clearer. Surrender to something larger than yourself. You don't have to do it all with your own small effort. Why push the boulder up the hill? Let it go, and it will roll on its own.

Time Opens

Go slowly. You don’t have to do it all at once. Change is a wheel, time is a blooming flower. Change turns, time opens. One day you will turn around, and everything will blossom. Then the wheel will turn again, and the petals will drop. 

Not Too Much

Trust yourself. Trust your voice, your  dreams, your hunches, your desires, your loves. They are big, but they are not too much for you. How can they be bigger than you when they are a part of you?  

Look Up

Look up from your screen, look up from your work, look up at the sky. It is still blue. Or grey. Or starlight black. It is still flamingo sunset pink. It is still vast beyond measure. Look up from your small but valuable place in the world, look up at this world with no horizon. 

Rest Now

It’s okay to rest now. Just close your eyes, and let yourself go. There’s nothing you need to do right this moment. Let the next moment take care of itself. 

Already Better

Everything will be okay. You don't have to worry. Just stop and take a deep breath. There, things are already better.